Equinox Advantage

Experience: There are no Entry Level team members; each member of the Equinox Team has many years of experience.

Quality: Only the best Software Developers make it at Equinox.

Diversity: Our expertise ranges across major Web Developments Platforms and Paradigms: ASP.NET, Java, PHP, and so on…

Focused Experience: Tremendous experience in Mortgage and Media Areas.



Mortgage business process and systems technology expert. 12 years of direct mortgage experience with 17 years of overall software development.

I have covered a wide range of roles, from working with senior management using their strategic goals to design an entire production mortgage software platform, to being a Technical Architect for IT

Experiences includes business process design and/or technical design of 2 Loan Origination Systems, a Patented Deal Structuring and Underwriting engine, Loan Document Systems, a Paperless Imaging System, 2
Mortgage Workflow Systems and various Wholesale and Retail Mortgage Web channels.


2004 Patent Number 6,823,319 “System and method for automated process of mortgage deal structuring”


Software system architect with 16 years of experience in building large-scale production systems. Specializations include High Availability Database Synchronization and Data Replication, Client/Server Design, TCP/IP Asynchronous Communication Programming, Concurrent Server Design, SQL Interface Development and Distributed database design with Oracle, SQL Server

Software/Languages: Java, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, Java Script, VB.NET (12 Years), ASP.NET (4 Years), Oracle PL/SQL (15 Years), C# , Ada, Visual C++, C, X Windows/Motif, UNIX C Shell and Bourne Shells

Databases: Oracle (15 Years), SQL Server (4 Years), MySQL (3 Years), Informix, Sybase, MS Access

Operating Systems: Windows Flavors: XP, 2003, 2000, NT, 98, 95, 3.1; UNIX Flavors: Solaris, AT&T, DEC ULTRIX, 4.3 BSD, SCO, HP UX

Workflow: Proprietary Non Linear Workflow, Fuego BPM (BEA), Staffware (TIBCO)



System architect with over 30 years of experience with large-scale software system architecture, design, and implementation. Systems utilized state-of-the-art web and database technologies including Java J2EE, JSP, XML, and Oracle on Unix and Windows platforms.  Experienced leading large (60+) and small groups of software engineers. Extensive knowledge and experience in the mortgage origination arena


2004 Patent Number 6,823,319 “System and method for automated process of mortgage deal structuring”