Equinox Advantage

Experience: There are no Entry Level team members; each member of the Equinox Team has many years of experience.

Quality: Only the best Software Developers make it at Equinox.

Diversity: Our expertise ranges across major Web Developments Platforms and Paradigms: ASP.NET, Java, PHP, and so on…

Focused Experience: Tremendous experience in Mortgage and Media Areas.

Equinox offer a wide variety of Consulting Services

High Quality

At Equinox, we pride ourselves on the quality of our consultants. The Equinox principals have personally worked with the majority of consultants we place. This helps us ensure we represent the best people in the business. The small number of consultants that we may not have personal experience with have been referred to us by trusted associates that we do know, and whose opinions’ we value.
In this way we are able to bring the best people that we’ve encountered in the business, and pass on their experience and abilities to you.

DiversityBusiness Process

Our consultants carry a wide range of expert experience…

Web Based Technologies

  • Extensive Experience Using HTML 5
  • In-Depth Knowledge of  JavaScript, jQuery, React, ActiveX, Active Server Pages and more
  • In-Depth Knowledge of the latest server-side and client-side frameworks
  • Administrative Experience with WEB Server Configuration & Maintenance on a Variety of Platforms

AWS Cloud Development

  • Years of Experience building scalable, fault-tolerant systems using:
    • Load Balanced EC2 instances
    • Auto-scaling groups
    • RDS and Redshift database instances
    • CloudFront CDN

Windows Development

  • Years of Experience developing for Windows
  • Expert Knowledge of Visual C# (with MFC), Visual Basic and Visual J++
  • Developer Caliber Experience in Using Delphi & Crystal Reports
  • Usage of OLE Interfaces and Complex Integration with Existing PC Products

Linux Development Experience

  • Complex GUI Development Using X/Motif
  • Years of Experience in C Development and Shell Scripting (csh, bsh, ksh)
  • Complex Interaction with Operating Systems and Usage of System Calls
  • Diverse Experience with a Variety of Source Code Control Systems
  • Varied OS Experience, including Sun OS/Solaris, OSF, Ultrix, SCO, Linux

Database Experience

  • Oracle, Informix, Sybase, MS SQL Server and MS Access
  • Expert Knowledge of SQL and Stored Procedures (PL/SQL)
  • Development in ProC (Oracle) and 4GL (Informix)
  • Extensive Performance Tuning and DBA Experience
  • Complex Data Modeling and Relational Design for Large and Small Scale Databases
  • Usage of ODBC as well as Native Connections in Developing Integrated Solutions

Client Server Technology

  • Extensive Development of IPC Using TCP/IP Based Socket Communication
  • Usage of SNMP for Complex Network Communications